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Benefits of meditation

Every day there is only
One thing to learn:
How to be honestly happy.

-Sri Chinmoy

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The benefits of meditation

The list of benefits of meditation has no end. Whatever the wish or hope, whatever the fear or illness meditation can lead any willing heart to a state of relief and beyond. Far beyond.


Why Meditation?

We live in a new and special age. A millennium of fast-paced cities, screens, quick exchanges of words, advertisement, etc. A lot to take for our senses. And after another day of a seemingly endless chain of small and big incidents we try to relax by simply watching something or hanging out somewhere or whatever it is we find calming or even just distracting from possible discomforts.

We Need Something Else from Life

It is easy and happens quickly that we live lifes that are not truly harmonious, outwardly and/or inwardly, and this imbalance again oftentimes leads to physical ailments like headaches, fatigue or even worse. “How are you doing?”, “Good but looking forward to the weekend.” This might work for some years or even decades. But sooner or later many people get to a point where they realize that they need something else. More of something or less of something, it is a vague urge towards change. For some it is just about finding a way to calm down more regularly and effectively.

“Willingness is

More than capacity.

Willingness is

The nearness of God.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Searching for More Fulfillment in Life

 For others it is a bit more serious. They experience their lifes to be unfulfilling. “Is this really what I wanted to do?”, “Am I really who I wanted to become?”. These questions may arise more as a feeling than as actual thoughts but either way we ask ourselves for a reason. The sincerity and humility that lead to such questions furthermore could lead to willingness.

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The Beginning


Willingness and openess make us ready to meditate. Then it just needs to happen from within which is not in our power to force but the little benefits along the way already enrich our lifes and are to be taken as necessary stepping stones: an increasing clarity of mind and concentration power. These will help us tremendously with our efficiency at work, studies
and sports. We become more focused and accurate. Also it enables us to say what we feel and actually mean. Furthermore will the increased clarity and concentration strength give us more confidence and help us with any emotional disbalance. At least it will help us to notice and observe things and that is a great starting point. This brings us to the next stepping stone. The experience of the conscious opening of the heart.


The Dawn of the Inner World

Here, the list of benefits of meditation really becomes endless. In Hatha yoga many of us feel a deeper sense of relaxation. Meditation is the more direct way to something most people would rather describe with peace. This inner peace is very vast and powerful and at the same time it is gentle and intimate. It is deeply fulfilling and beyond
good/bad, time or other subjects that usually occupy our minds. This experience reveals such a sublime inner beauty that it is eyes opening to what we actually are!

The Awakening to our True Self


We are full of this beautiful height and divine depth. Perfectly detached and yet all-connected love, peace and delight. We have always carried this divine treasure within us. Realising this makes us look at ourselves differently and lets us view our lives as opportunities. Normally people describe this experience as an awakening or as a return home. When we get in touch with this inner peace our whole existence is influenced and harmonized by it. This is the important point: the inner expansion harmonizes.

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“Of all the medicines
In the inner life,
A smile is by far
The best medicine.”

-Sri Chinmoy

Health benefits of meditation


When we allow the peace of our inner reality to breath and expand then eventually it will affect our outer reality.

We might see a particular physical problem, chronic knee pain, let us say. This pain is undeniably present and has an unambiguous location.

In a higher meditative state of consciousness we can realize that everything is a form of energy. If we do not live in balance with our inner reality then this will create tension and this tension if not worked on inwardly in time will result in outer tension, physical pain for example.

(Of course, if we need to see a doctor we have to go and get checked by one but no medicine is more effective than to find a higher harmony and to let it influence our life.)

Inner Harmony Leads to Outer Harmony

As mentioned before, the inner peace is a harmonizing experience. In meditation, when our hearts expand, we consciously connect to the inner peace and subconsciously allow it to affect us. This way the higher energy can work on our tensions. And so, even chronic knee pain can be overcome. Physical ailments can “mysteriously” disappear. But sometimes they don’t and we should try to learn as much as possible from it. We should try to be open and to accept and meditation will teach us how. Inner resistance even against physical pain is a cherished form of tension and therefore contra-productive. We are more or less aware of the process if it is connected to a dominant part of us. Other than that it just feels like a transforming wave of energy that changes you for the better and really takes you somewhere. Spiritual
teacher Sri Chinmoy calls it the “self-transcendence-journey of life”.

“God never wants me to celebrate
My journey’s close.
He wants me to enjoy only
My journey’s constant self-transcendence.”

- Sri Chinmoy

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“Every day there is only
One thing to learn:
How to be honestly happy.”

-Sri Chinmoy

Social benefits of meditation


To meditate is to go within and listen. As we continue our meditative endeavors we also practice our ability to calm down our personal way of thinking and to listen with an open mind to what our hearts are telling us. We are more receptive for all the bigger and smaller messages that our hearts are bringing us. It is the beauty of welcoming our very own intuition. Listening to our intuition gives our lifes a new quality, a unparalleled depth that teaches us to bypass the necessity to always ask our minds first before we do something.


Heart first!


And walking along the path of the heart might bring us to the point where we look back and then even mentally understand that this path was and is perfect. Paradox, but even our minds will admit in time that the not so reasonable choice is sometimes the most reasonable.

The inner and outer always inspire each other. So when we learn to calm our minds and to listen inwardly then we also learn to listen outwardly. To be able to truly listen to somebodies words and to feel what feelings they are coming from is an ability that is not to be underestimated.

There is no “I“ in “We“


So much of the harmony within our social environment is based on the art of communication. The way we see and say things, the way we listen and interpret. One of the most natural benefits of meditation is that the mentality of fast opinion making and defending is slowed down and an attitude of accepting observation takes its place. No more justification for who you are and what you enjoy and like to do.


The Own Ascent is the Best Inspiration for Others


People around us will feel this approach to life and will be inspired by it. They will feel that there is no need to be anything elso than oneself and in us they find examples or at least people who are trying. Basically, through the barrier-transcending power of meditation we let ourselves and others shine. And for that, meditation can be of great assistance for unsettled family histories for example.

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The Jewels of Happiness

If you enjoyed this article then allow me to recommend this book by spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy.

The Visual Proof for Happiness

And one more thing: you smile more! Our deepened sincerity, simplicity and appreciation for life will leave us no other choice. This is easier to observe for other people around you but once you notice that your neighbours smile at you more often, then something might have inspired them, right? In fact, there are experienced, wise Hatha Yoga teachers which are saying that the absolute best yoga position for outer and inner oneness, is to spread and lift the corners of the
mouth :)
Not only more often, over the time the smile of a meditating person originates from the experience of an increasingly deep inner peace. It might be “just” a smile but at the same time it is a subtle proof that you realised that life is something very beautiful. Each newly discovered depth or height of meditation will ultimatly give us an even more soulful smile. A soulful smile can stay with us even throughout more challenging days. And on the very challenging days, well, we master them or we simply do our best. Though, afterwards the smile will come back quicker than it used to.
In the end the immense benefits of meditation cannot be explained, they are to be experienced and they are always waiting for us…

An old Zen saying:

“Be as wide and open as the sky.

You are the way.”

Lucas Szeles

Benefits of meditation