Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy is an unending inspiration behind all our projects. He was born In Bengal, India in 1931. When he became an orphan in his 12 years he joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram where he spent next 20 years of his life in intense spiritual as well as physical training. His days were filled with work and obligations in the ashram and his nights with meditations. While still a young boy he experienced very deep meditative states and gained direct access to his “Inner Pilot” as he used to call God. This inner guidance has eventually led him from peaceful ashram into New York City to be available to the Western world with his infinite inspiration and aspiration.

During his 43 years in the West Sri Chinmoy tried many different ways to share his aspiration with other human beings. He has composed thousands of meditative songs and melodies; he has created several thousands of contemplative paintings. He excelled as an athlete; first as a decathlete and later he devoted his time to longer distances (marathons and ultramarathons) and finally to weightlifting. At the same time he wrote spiritual poetry with great intensity as well as other texts while also giving talks about spiritual discipline and inner life at many prestigious universites. During this colourful and intense life he has naturally met with many famous people from various parts of the world with whom he could share his dream of world filled with peace. Not only the outer peace but most importantly peace in the minds and hearts of human beings.

Among many international projects that Sri Chinmoy has initiated is the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run – a relay run with flaming torch that every second year circles around the globe. A very important role Sri Chinmoy played in the United Nations as well where he led Peace meditations for delegates twice weekly for over 30 years after being invited to do so by former General-Secretary U Thant. Among his closest friends were such people like Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev or Mother Theresa. Sri Chinmoy would describe himself mainly as a student of peace. With his immense humility, enourmous devotion to humanity and feeling of hope he strived to inspire others around him to reach their divinity, that he saw hidden inside each human being.

With his departure from the physical world on 11th October 2007 Sri Chinmoy left behind incredible treasures in many areas of human creativity. He will remain well anchored in hearts of people that he worked with or that he merely met. Even though it may be difficult to register his intense and rich life in its fullness we can be sure that while melodies of Sri Chinmoy are heard in concert halls, his paintings enchant eyes of soulful art lovers and his poems feed minds and hearts of peace lovers around the whole world his life energy will keep resonating in the atmosphere of the Earth.

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Sri Chinmoy at a Peace Concert in Montpellier, France, 1991