What is meditation?

When we meditate we actually enter into a deeper part of our being. Then we are able to bring forward our inner treasures.


We can perceive consciousness as a flow of focused energy of our being that can unify ourselves with different parts of our being.

Silencing the mind

How to end this dominion of thoughts? The basis for success is to feel the need to achieve peace of mind.

Breathing exercises

Breath is the essence of our life. It is also a big mystery. We all keep breathing but who does actually breathe consciously?


Where does willpower come from? Let us try to focus for a while within ourselves.

Mantra & Japa

Repeating sacred sounds soulfully has many spiritual benefits, including increasing one’s peace, poise and life-energy.


Pranayama is a technique of energised breathing proven by thousands of years of practice.

Killing-free diet

Plant-based diet and its pure lightness support our inner progress while meat eating and its heavier qualities bind us to physical consciousness.

About us

Many years ago we have learn how to meditate and how to be aware of our inner “self”. Find out where you can meet with us!

My life with headaches

5:50 am. Eyes blink. Rays peak through the curtains. And as I turn and reach for the alarm clock I feel the thunder in my head.