About us


Many years ago we have learned how to meditate and how to be aware of our inner “self”. Inspired by the example of our teacher Sri Chinmoy we now want to share our experiences with other people. That is why we organize ultra-marathon races, meditation music concerts, meditation classes and many other events and projects that strive to inspire people. By doing this we visit all sorts of places on our beautiful planet and it is a real and wonderful life adventure!

We are always looking forward to making new spiritual friends, so hopefully, we shall meet soon! Be it while running, singing mantras or meditating together.

Meditation instructors

Pradhan Balter is a chiropractor, computer trainer, restaurant owner, author, lecturer. Behind all this, he has practiced meditation for close to 50 years, and in that capacity, he has lectured on meditation and prayer in some 40 countries to literally thousands of individuals.




New Zealander Jogyata Dallas lives in Auckland and teaches meditation with the Sri Chinmoy Centre there. His lifelong interest in meditation has seen an outpouring of articles and commentaries that share some of the insights and teachings learnt under the tutelage of the Indian spiritual master Sri Chinmoy. The author of three books, Jogyata’s writings are a compilation of stories and memories from his three decades of discipleship, charting his own journey of self-discovery and offering glimpses into the time-honored Guru-disciple relationship.


Bara Bara gives classes in Pilsen, Czechia, although she comes from Prague. She has studied Tourism – Culture and Social Ecology at the Faculty of Sociology. So it is easy to guess she likes to meet people and travel everywhere. She is meditating for more than 15 years under the guidance of her spiritual teacher. As for profession, she is invested in ayurvedic medicine and a healthy lifestyle.

Kritartha Kritartha is meditating for over 25 years. His highly interesting talks on meditation, healthy living, and related subjects were visited by thousands of people in many cities of Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey. He manages his own business of production and wholesale of Himalayan ayurvedic herbal teas from Nepal.

If you are interested in meeting us and many other inspiring people, consider visiting our meditation classes.